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comprehensive awards

visits : release time :2017-12-29

the company has successively received many national honors, including “national civilized unit”, “enterprise accredited for fulfilling contract and valuing credit”, “national excellent construction enterprise”, excellent enterprise in creating luban prize engineering, “national model worker family”, “national youth civilization enterprise”, “national advanced construction enterprise both in quality and benefit”, “nationwide architecture industry aaa credit rating enterprise”, “nationwide architecture industry advanced enterprise”, national “may 1st labor medal”, “national worker pioneer”, “national worker sports demonstration unit”, “advanced unit in nationwide fitness”, etc.; and has been awarded provincial level “enterprise accredited for fulfilling contract and valuing credit” and “shandong provincial civilized unit” for many consecutive years, as well as “shandong provincial youth civilization demonstration group”, and “shandong provincial advanced group in construction system earthquake relief work” and received the “shandong provincial labor medal for enriching people and prospering the province”.