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indonesia 1 twin towers project

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with a building area of 306,000 square meters, a building height of 303 meters, 7 underground floors, 59 floors above the ground, an excavation depth of 26.77 meters, and a local excavation depth of 32.2 meters, this project belongs to a super high-rise and ultra-deep foundation pit project. the important and difficult points in the project management are: plane planning management, schedule management, deepening design management, integration of chinese and indonesian technologies, and integration of local resources.

this project actively studies local practices in indonesia, and at the same time introduces domestic advanced technologies and sums up the characteristic construction technologies applicable to indonesia.

reverse process jump-layer excavation technology: to increase the depth of a single excavation, excavate a two-floor structure construction space at a time, and make the construction of one layer of the structure not occupy the key route, the b2 and b3 layers of this project adopt the jump-layer excavation technology to remove the pouring of the b2 floor from the key route, and the construction period is effectively shortened by about 52 days.


reverse process jump-layer excavation technology

soil formwork method construction technology: the excavated soil is used as a natural formwork. after the cushion is poured and the isolation layer is laid, the reinforcing steel is tied and the concrete of the structural floor is poured. through the application of the soil formwork method, the investment in the floor slab formwork is saved, and the construction period is shortened by about 10 days compared to the conventional formwork construction.


soil formwork method construction technology

green quick removal system application: green early removal formwork consists of the steel frame wood formwork panel and the upright tube with the early removal member, which is easy to operate and easy to turn over. due to the simple operation of the formwork system, the efficiency of the formwork construction is effectively improved, and because it is an early removal system, the one-time input of the formwork is reduced.


green quick removal system application

chute method construction technology: the bracket and a set of articulated chutes are used to form an articulated chute system to accelerate the concrete pouring speed.


articulated chute method construction technology

bim technology: the bim technology is used to conduct the plane layout and simulate the vehicle passing to avoid impeding on-site traffic due to the improper location of material yards. when the on-site operating conditions change, the bim model is updated in time to ensure that the plane layout is reasonable and feasible. in addition, the bim technology is used for collision detection, bim model and animation clarification, project volume calculations and other functions to ensure the operation of the project.


bim technology application

project aerial view